AGT Systems NA is a simplified conduit for geophysical and other related natural resource exploration and development equipment, systems and software from Canada, the US and other foreign suppliers to clients in distant markets and to assist in the support of these products. As geoscience specialists, we add value, expertise and a strong layer of quality control to everything we provide.

Specifically AGT Systems NA will:

   Obtain relevant technical information on equipment, software and any

     related aspects required by clients. All components are from reliable

     and trusted sources we have worked with for decades.

   Define and provide systems engineering, system integration

     and training services, accessing expertise from our international

     network of like-minded professionals.

   Obtain all cost information related to all elements including

     importing and exporting a turnkey capability.

   Arrange one-on-one meetings with experts in the field.

   Manage the project from start to finish.

   Provide continuing technical support.

So whether it is a simple field instrument or a complex airborne system, AGT will add value to your requirement, helping you our valued client reach your goals quickly and with less effort.

AGT Systems NA Inc. is a privately held Canadian incorporation.